• Historic Pension Reform for Fire/Police - voters approved with 70% vote - 2016
  • Pension Reform for Correction Officers/Probation Officers - 2017
  • Historic Tax reform-lowered taxes/regulations on businesses and consumers - 2013
  • ESA (voucher) School Choice legislation - 2017
  • Eliminated photo radar cameras on state highways - 2016
  • First ESA School Choice program in nation - 2011
  • Legislation that allows patients a way to settle surprise medical bills - 2017
  • Tied AZ Income Tax Brackets to Inflation - 2015
  • Prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions and abortion training - 2011
  • Allow AZ religious affiliated employers to opt out of the HHS mandate that required them to provide abortion drugs and contraceptives to employees - 2012 (Planned Parenthood put out a national alert on Debbie, got national coverage)
  • Mandate unannounced health inspections of abortion clinics and make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to assist a minor in obtaining an abortion - 2014
  • Legislation that permits Sun City and Sun City West residents to drive golf carts on the right side of the streets without getting a ticket - 2014

"Champion of the Taxpayer"
Americans for Prosperity

"Conservative Excellence Award"
American Conservative Union

"Senator of the Year"
Arizona Chamber of Commerce

"Golden Apple Award"
Arizona Parents for Education

"Legislator of the Year"
Arizona Republican Party

"Friend of the Family"
Arizona Family Project

"Guardian of Small Business"
National Federation of Independent Business

Rated 100% by the Center for Arizona Policy

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